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Relationship breakdowns are difficult enough for all involved and become even more stressful when you factor in arrangements for your children.  Our family team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping families work out the most appropriate solution to ensure the best interests of the children are put first.  

Following a relationship breakdown, as a parent, you will want to resolve the issue of where your children live and the day to day arrangements for looking after them.  We encourage you to reach an arrangement yourselves, or if this is not possible we recommend you try Mediation, negotiate through our experienced family team or if all else fails make an application to the court.  

Children disputes typically relate to: -

With whom your child should live (previously called custody or residence);

With whom they should otherwise spend time with (previously called access or contact) or;

Other specific issues such as relocation.  

As members of Resolution, which is an association of Family Lawyers which promote resolution of issues in a constructive way, we are in a good position to advise and help you.  

If you require assistance in connection with any of these matters, then please contact either Mrs Sara Rutter or Mrs Christine McLay.