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All-important no-fault Divorce Law Reforms should be going through Parliament, but there have been delays due to Brexit and the General Election.  It is hoped by the profession and the public alike that these reforms will not be too long in the making.

Our current divorce law is now over 50 years old and, in most instances, blame is apportioned for the breakdown of the marriage, which causes unnecessary conflict and makes reaching a financial settlement more difficult.

The proposed reforms suggested, are where one or both of the parties gives notice that they consider the marriage has broken down, the divorce can proceed and, after a six-month period, if either or both of the parties still thinks they are making the right decision, the divorce can be finalised.  There will be no apportionment of blame. 

We will keep you updated regarding the Law Reforms as and when these are approved and made legislation, but in the meantime if you require any assistance regarding Divorce or Separation please do not hesitate to contact our Family Team on 01325 466461 and ask for either Sara Rutter or Christine McLay.