Debt recovery work is carried out by Kelly Henderson. She qualified as a Solicitor in 2005 and has been with the Firm since 1996.

For debts up to £100,000 we offer a fixed fee service. For £75 plus VAT we shall receive your instructions, carry out a check at Companies House if relevant, prepare and send a Letter Before Action to the debtor, confirm to you that this has been done and then contact you again in 7 days if the debtor is a business and 30 days if an individual or sooner if the debtor responds to the letter.

If there is no response, for another £75 plus VAT we will seek your instructions as to whether you want Court proceedings to be issued, prepare the Claim Form and send it to you for signature, let you know how much the Court issue fee will be, issue the proceedings and then monitor to see whether the debtor serves a Defence. If so, we shall forward the Defence to you and if not, we shall apply to the Court for Judgment in Default.

If a Defence is filed or if you want to enforce the default Judgment, our charges will then be calculated in accordance with our hourly rates currently £245 plus VAT with routine letters and phone calls (taking no more than 6 minutes) costing £24.50 each plus VAT. Long letters and phone calls are charged at the hourly rate plus VAT. Letters or emails received are charged at £10 each plus VAT. 

As to timescale, if no Defence is filed, you can generally expect to be in receipt of a Default Judgment around 6 weeks after the Letter Before Action is sent. If a Defence is filed and it becomes a contested matter, you could expect a Trial to take place within 6 to 12 months depending on how busy the Court is. If enforcement action is needed, the matter is likely to take longer to resolve.